Snazzback Play Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters

September 4, 2021 5:30 pm7:30 pm

Snazzback was born out of busking the streets of Bristol but has coalesced into an ensemble that embodies a myriad of different sounds, freely exploring ambient, dubstep, rumba and funk flavours with a collaborative and improvisatory mindset.For Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival Snazzback will be performing an exclusive rendition of Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters.

They chose to do this album as it is a classic that needs no real introduction, as well as one that they have all listened to growing up, taking a part in shaping their ears and playing whether conscious or otherwise.Headhunters is a timeless album to the point where the style and influence shown in the album has gone full circle and is back in fashion with both the playing style and sounds being very popular again. The first two tracks on the album are often played out, however the B side with Sly and Vein Melter are less well known. As well as this, the album comprising of only four tracks will enable them to really get into the content of these tunes and dissect them and no doubtably do Head Hunters the justice and respect it deserves.

Line Up

Alfie Grieve – Trumpet
Dave Sanders – Saxophone
Eli Jitsuto – Guitar
Hal Sutherland – Keys
Myke Vince – Percussion
Richard Allen – Bass
Chris Langton – Drums

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