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Craig Crofton’s Jazz Ambassadors Workshop

May 20, 2023 11:00 am12:15 pm

Bristol Beacon

We are excited to offer a fantastic opportunity for young aspiring jazz musicians in the West country. Bristol Beacon’s very own Jazz Ambassadors will be hosting an interactive workshop designed to introduce jazz to a younger, budding musicians.

Led by Craig Crofton, one of Bristol’s most preeminent jazz educators and players. This workshop will include a performance by the Jazz Ambassadors along with a chance for some of the workshop attendees to join in with their individual instruments during the workshop. The amount of participation on this workshop is up to the individual and attendees can simply come to listen and ask questions rather than play if they like.

There will be an opportunity for a Q & A session where attendees can ask Craig and members of the ensemble questions about their individual instruments, approach to practicing or anything else music related.

Although there isn’t a required minimum age for this workshop it would be best suited to young musicians starting at grade 2 level [ classical or jazz] and / or the ability to play a Concert F minor pentatonic scale relatively well. [ D minor pent for Eb alto/ G minor pent for Bb instruments. ]

The Bristol Beacon Jazz Ambassadors are a young modern jazz ensemble led by Craig Crofton. Since the ensembles formation in 2019, the group has showcased the most talented young jazz musicians in Bristol with many of the members passing through onto places at prestigious music programs around the country and playing professionally.

Our 2023 workshop programme is kindly sponsored by Clifton College.

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