Sun 29th | 11.30am | Jazz Piano Workshop

Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival have teamed up with Bristol Academy of Creative Music to provide a range of music workshops. BACM is pleased to present an interactive workshop, giving an insight into the different roles of the jazz pianist within a trio context, open to jazz pianists of all abilities or those who just have a keen interest! The workshop will be split into two parts. ‘Arranging’; Discussing the ways of presenting the melody through the use of phrasing, rhythm, harmonic and textural ideas. Exploring big band arranging and using this tradition in a trio context (using shout choruses and rhythmic hits). Also repetition in arranging and getting the most out of the melodic material. Secondly ‘Soloing tips’; Talk about the use of repetition in a solo to give form, talk about using short motifs in a solo. How to build a solo and ways to create tension (playing over the bar line). There will also be an opportunity for participants to perform at the end and for the group to critique.


BACM is a new independent music school founded by Bristol musicians Federico Leonori & Greg Sterland. The aim is to provide community driven education from top quality tutors at affordable prices. The Academy offers a wide range of group classes, workshops and ensembles ranging from Jazz, Songwriting, Vocals, Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Piano and Music Therapy.