Sat 28th | 12pm | Bird (Film Screening)

Award-winning director and long-standing jazz devotee Clint Eastwood delivers a compassionate portrait of jazz visionary and extraordinaire Charlie “Bird” Parker, with a tour de force performance from Forest Whitaker as Bird.

Arguably the best cinematic jazz biography ever made, this love letter to the genre shows the legendary saxophonist on stage, where Bird is flawless, and the drug addict that couldn’t break out of his own head, whose shyness clashed with a jolting popularity and unparalleled artistic vision.

With a stellar cast which includes Diane Venora (Heat), who along with Whitaker was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in this picture, Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum), John Witherspoon (TV’s The Wayans Bros.) and Tony Cox (Bad Santa), Bird is a valuable biography charting the genius and tragedy of one of the greatest pioneers of jazz.