A Music Festival for Everyone

If you think you know jazz and blues, you’re probably wrong! If you love music, you’ll love Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival. We’ve dipped into every genre and traversed the globe to bring you a line-up dedicated to the incredible musical legacy of jazz and blues; from swing to funk, bebop to blues, Gypsy jazz to Gospel, soul to rock ‘n roll.

We’ll take you on a toe-tapping journey through a century of jazz and blues: starting off with the birth of jazz in New Orleans and the great blues men of the Mississippi Delta; taking in the wartime swing era and the original hipsters of the post-war beat generation; swinging by the ‘60s and ‘70s for an education in funk and finishing up in the present day when the world’s biggest jazz and blues stars are heavily influenced by these past eras.  See our piece on the ‘Golden Era of Jazz‘ in Bristol.

Jazz gave birth to soul and rock ‘n roll, created blues and funk, nurtured swing and inspired some of the world’s greatest artists – from Louis Armstrong to Nina Simone, BB King to Frank Sinatra, James Brown to George Gershwin. If you think you know jazz and blues, you’re probably wrong! Give us a go!

See our gallery for the full run-down of what you can expect at one of our weekends.