Leadership Jazz with Professor David Pendleton

Most current ideas about leadership have their origins in the 19th and 20th centuries when the world was a very different place. Leadership in the 21st century may need to be re-thought and redefined in a way that is more soundly based on reliable evidence and reflective of our current, rapidly changing times. In the Leadership Jazz Workshop, Professor Pendleton aims to demonstrate dynamic leadership in action and the power of experimentation and improvisation to deal with unpredictable change. With the help of a group of outstanding jazz musicians, he shows how improvisation works, excellent team working is created and listening becomes a key tool to empower accomplished professionals to work together flexibly. The metaphor is then turned into a discussion of relevance for organisations, their leadership and management teams.

Prof David Pendleton is a Professor in Leadership, Henley Business School and an Associate Fellow, Said Business School, Oxford University.

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