Quantic Live Ft. Alice Russell

With a treasure trove of music recorded over the last decade, Will Holland aka Quantic, musician and producer, continues to push genres and escape clichés in his very particular way.

Known for his adventurous musical productions, Quantic marries a variety of sounds with the modern dance floor aesthetic.

This March sees him packing up a musical picnic of new and classic Quantic material and, together with an all-star band of his regular collaborating musicians, laying out a feast for Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival. The show will feature long time Quantic accomplice Alice Russell.

This will be an unforgettable gig, celebrating the very best of Quantic’s vast catalogue.

Alice Russell

Alice Russell

Alice Russell is the English country girl who sings with all the force of a gospel-reared soul singer. Having made her name as the funked-up voice of a thousand (well, almost) Tru Thoughts tracks, she is one of the finest contemporary soul voices to come out of the UK.


With Support from Pete Josef

Pete Josef

Pete Josef is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a brilliantly soulful voice who produces immaculate electro-acoustic music. His 2015 album Colour hit a new high of soul-meets-jazz coolness. He has been recording and playing live with Roni Size, Kelis and Darren Emerson from Underworld for a number of years.