Metropolis with Live Score by Andy Sheppard

Join us for the world premiere of British composer and conductor Andy Sheppard’s live score of German filmmaker Fritz Lang’s 1927 masterpiece, Metropolis.

Accompanied by his hand-picked, 10-piece band Andy has conceived a wall of brass set against wild guitars and electronica laid over percussion, computers and treated and untreated saxophones.

Andy will be playing live and conducting the band which includes Norwegian electric guitar wizard Eivind Aarsetand and Italian virtuoso percussionist Michele Rabbia.

An ECM (Edition of Contemporary Music) recording artist, bandleader and composer, Andy Sheppard is one of Europe’s leading saxophonists and one of the few British musicians to have made a significant impact on the international jazz scene, playing and writing for settings from solo to big band and chamber orchestra.

Lang’s dystopian sci-fi epic has become a cult classic but its allegory of a future where an exploited, subterranean underclass works to support a small aristocracy living in palatial skyscrapers received a mixed and puzzled reception at the time of its release. It went on to become one of the landmarks of world cinema and has influenced generations of filmmakers and musicians.

Are we facing a dystopian future? Will music save the world? Find out at our screening of Metropolis.